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Solutions for
Elevator Optimization

A Partnership for the Best Solution

The key criteria for elevator operation are quality, costs and safety. An elevator can only achieve the optimum over its life cycle if the key players - operator, maintenance provider and inspection organization - work together as partners.

DICEO supports this idea and combines these views in its DNA. With our technology and our services, we support all stakeholders equally in the implementation of the overarching goals and accompany the optimization of business processes relating to elevator operation management.

Your Goals in Focus

The DICEO (Data and Information Cycle for Elevator Optimization) Group GmbH is an independent company and has the interests and well-being of all those involved in elevator operation in mind. With our services, we want to contribute to the lowest possible life cycle costs and to maintaining the value of your elevator systems in long-term cooperation with our customers.

The focus here is on the digitalization of elevator systems and processes "around the elevator". This not only means transparency, increased availability, greater ride comfort or automation and efficiency. Digitalization also enables the use of resources where they generate the most added value as well as new products, services and improved business and operator models. At the same time, you increase the attractiveness of your company for partners as well as existing and potential employees.

The Elevator Optimizers

DICEO relies on digitalization to improve lift-related processes and make them more efficient so that maintenance companies can fully serve their customers and grow, thus extending the service life of their systems, increasing the quality of the systems and reducing operating costs at the same time.

TÜV Rheinland and Schmersal have been involved in elevator technology for many decades. Together with the experts for monitoring and digital business models at compreneur AG, the partners have set themselves the goal of providing you with reliable support for transparent, digital and sustainable elevator operations.

Safety and quality in almost all areas of business and life: This is what TÜV Rheinland stands for. The company's experts test technical systems and products around the globe and support innovations in technology and business. As a service provider for the testing of elevator systems, TÜV Rheinland has a neutral "360-degree view" of the elevator and contributes the experience gained in the testing of elevator systems on a daily basis.

Schmersal is one of the industry leaders in the planning and production of safety switching devices and systems as well as elevator control systems. As an expert in the digitalization of safety technology and elevator components and as a manufacturer of electronic devices and IoT technologies, Schmersal's core competence is to bring smart technology "made in Germany" to the elevator.

compreneur AG has already successfully established digital business models for asset monitoring, predictive maintenance and service innovation in maintenance.

DICEO combines these skills and complements them with the know-how and methodological expertise needed to optimize business processes and build data-driven services and digital business models for its clients.

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